About The Beginners Reef

About The Beginners Reef

The Beginners Reef website was created to help pass on knowledge, research, information, and tips to the beginner to saltwater aquariums.

When I first began my journey into saltwater aquariums it was before the time of the internet. The only way I learned was by reading books and taking advice from the local fish stores. Let’s just say my first saltwater aquarium was a flop!

My 1st Attempt at Saltwater in 1996

I bought fish and corals that my aquarium was not ready for, I bought equipment that was junk and really did nothing, I had lights that lit the aquarium but did nothing to feed the corals. You name the mistake and I had made it! Why? Because of lack of knowledge and information!

Today we have almost the opposite where we have an abundance of information available at the touch of a button or finger, but that brings its own challenges – Correct Information.

Which information is correct? Which information is misleading? Which information should you trust? All of these are valid questions that you want to get right before spending vast amounts of money setting up and maintaining your new saltwater aquarium.

The entire goal of this website is to create articles that are my absolute best work to give you an unbiased, hobby tested, owner reviewed piece of information that will inform and guide you to your own decision about the topic.

You will find that I am not a fan of the cheap, knock-off’s because I have tried them and in the end, I have usually ended up buying the better product as well after buying the cheap one, which then failed.

I have bought the Jebao powerheads, all failed within a year. I tried to save money on lighting by building my own LED array. I needed to add four T5 bulbs to supplement to get my PAR up to keep SPS. We all like to save money, so I try to show you where the best places are to save money and where you need to get the better quality equipment.

My LED Array on Day 1 of My Current Aquarium – 2011

My advice and recommendations on this website are by looking at the best practices, methods, products and present them to you in an easy to understand way so you can learn about that topic then decide on which products are for you.

To further help you I have teamed up with some of the industry’s greatest online saltwater suppliers to provide you with great, high-quality products and livestock with great pricing and shipping so that you can get the best value-for-money purchases and spend that money only once!

Global Products
US Corals
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US Livestock

Whenever you purchase anything from a link that you follow from this site, I do get a small commission from the online stores. This commission does not cost you anything but is paid to me from the supplier for sending you to their store.

The small amount I do make helps to pay for the upkeep and maintenance on this site and also allows me to buy products to test and review them so I can give you the best information possible.

I have been where you are and I have spent lots of money on useless items. If I can just help one person save some money and create a beautiful piece of the world’s ocean in their home then this website is worth it. Take what you learn from here and pass it forward as you become more knowledgable and maybe one day you can help the next person succeed with their saltwater aquarium!

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