Beginners Start Here!!!

When you are new to saltwater aquariums knowing where to even begin can be a challenge in itself! I have collated all my best resources into this one page to give you somewhere to begin your learning journey!

This entire site is dedicated to making your journey as easy as possible with articles, guides, ideas, and information. Just look around!

To help you on your journey I recommend the following articles to get you started with a successful saltwater aquarium:

  1. Choosing your First Aquarium
  2. Finding the Correct Place to Put Your Aquarium
  3. How to Aquascape Your Aquarium
  4. How to Correctly Cycle Your Aquarium
  5. How To Choose the Correct Fish
  6. How to Complete Water Changes
  7. How To Choose Your First Coral

After reading through these articles I highly recommend you check out the guides below:

The best place to start! All the Essential Equipment You will need, A Maintenance Schedule & Much, Much More!

Unsure what size aquarium to buy, what equipment you will need, what the costs will be? These Guides have it all!
Prices Too!

Every week new articles are added answering some of the most basic to technical questions you will have in your journey.


Is a special date approaching soon? Everyone loves a gift, especially when it’s for their aquarium.
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