Reef Gift Ideas Over $500

Reef Gift Ideas Over $500

Kessil AP700 LED Light

Kessil AP700 Controllable LED Aquarium Light

One of the many cons to LED lights are the lack of ‘Shimmer’ through the water, well no more. The Single Point LED clusters in this unit not only provide the desired shimmer but great colour, PAR and controllability.
Each unit will cover 24″ of tank with virtually no shading.
The AP700 is a great LED light that shook up the aquarium LED lighting industry.

Around $800.00
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Neptune Systems Trident Water Analyzer

Neptune Systems TRIDENT Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer

The latest in aquarium technology from Neptune Systems. This fully automated device analyzes your water for Alk, Cal & Mag. Any serious coral keeper will have this on their gift list, provided they have an Apex Controller already 😉
Not only does this analyze the water constantly, it can also signal the Apex controller to shut down equipment if it detects a problem.
This unit is pioneering the boundaries of water testing and automation!

Around $600.00
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ATI SunPower T5HO Light Fixtures

ATI SunPower T5 Fixture

ATI has been a staple in the T5 lighting sector for many years and the T5HO light fixtures are a tried and tested product.
Their SunPower range covers every size aquarium with bulb color combinations to suit every aquarists preference.
These high power, cool running and silent light fixtures not only provides great light for corals but are designed to be a piece of art atop of your aquarium.

From $560.00
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EcoTech Marine Radion XR30W LED Light

EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G4 LED Ligh

This is the latest generation of the very popular Radion LED light series from EcoTech. This new design features a newly designed LED cluster and lens to help maximize color and light spread all while operating with huge PAR.
As with it’s predecessors it is fully controllable and linkable to other Radions giving you the ultimate control to suit your tank.

Around $680.00
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Red Sea Max Nano 20 Gallon AIO Aquarium

Red Sea Max Nano 20 gal

The ultimate gift for a very lucky person! Red Sea has been perfecting its line of AIO aquariums for years and this is their latest edition.
Everything is included in this awesome package! Just add sand, water, salt and rock and you are cycling!
A great starter aquarium!

Around $940.00
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Neptune Systems ApexEL Advanced Bundle

Neptune Systems ApexEL Bundle Advanced

The ultimate controller package for the beginner. This bundle comes with everything you need to monitor Temperature, Salinity, PH, ORP.
Full monitoring and control with WiFi link to your phone, this really is a great controller package.
Add on new modules as you go to build this into the complete aquarium control system!

Around $980.00
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