Recommended Powerheads & Wave Makers

Selecting the right powerhead or wave maker for your reef tank is essential to ensure your money is well spent on the best product. This summary will help you find the right one:

Great pumps for use in moving water at a fixed flow rate in your aquarium, use as an ATO pump, for mixing saltwater and helping prevent detritus settling in low flow areas like a sump.

A great powerhead for providing the backbone of water movement in your aquarium. They run at a set speed once plugged in and used in conjunction with a Pump-Switching control unit can be used as a linked pair with another powerhead.

The most popular powerhead type for creating random, chaotic flow in a saltwater aquarium. With multiple designs using varying speeds, accelerations, linkable to other pumps and controlled by included controllers or aquarium controllers these are the powerhead to have!

A totally different design of pump to move water in a laminar flow rather than a rotational flow, these pumps move vast volumes of water. They are ideal for long aquariums or large aquariums where flow dead spots are occurring. They are a variable flow pump making them great for creating random flow or can be used in a fixed flow mode.

The original wave making device for a saltwater aquarium. Using a variable flow powerhead in a box allows these devices to create waves that transit down your aquarium. Great for use in long aquariums and helps to provide a natural flow pattern and gentle back-&-forth motion for your coral.

For the budget-conscious reefer or those with small nano aquariums these rotating nozzles connect to the return nozzle to help create a rotational, random flow to help with your first delve into keeping corals.

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