Reef Gift Ideas Under $50

Reef Gift Ideas Under $50

HM Digital Triple Inline TDS Meter

Triple Inline TDS Meter

The TRM-1 is an easy and convenient method of determining TDS levels for your RO/DI system. Install one sensor on your Input Line, one sensor after your RO Membrane and the last sensor after your DI Resin to monitor the efficiency of your important filters on your RO/DI water filter unit.

Around $32.00
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Eheim Everyday Automatic Fish Feeder

Ehiem AutoFeeder

This highly rated autofeeder is great for use when you go on vacation or for feeding multiple times during the day.

It’s simple, easy-to-follow instructions make this one of the most popular autofeeders on the market.

Around $30.00
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Salinity Refractometer

Marine Depot Aquarium Refractometer

This super handy device should be in every marine aquarists toolbox. Really accurate and very easy to use for testing your salt level within your water. There is no guessing the salinity when using this tool.
You will be using this almost every day and accuracy is paramount!

Around $20.00
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Flipper 2-in-1 Magnetic Algae Scraper

Flipper Aquarium Cleaner

Another ‘Must Have’ tool in the aquarists tool box. The magnetic cleaner makes cleaning your aquarium glass super quick and easy. With a razor blade attachment it makes even the most stubborn Corraline disappear with ease. It comes in 3 sizes to suit every aquarium size.

Around $48.00
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Aquarium Cleaning Set

The ultimate cleaning set for aquarium pumps, filters, and substrate and hoses.

Keep your aquarium and equipment in top condition.

Around $17.00
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Hanna Alkalinity Digital Checker

Hanna Alkalinity Checker

A great Alkalinity tester for the serious coral keeper. The easy to read digital display gives you an unmistakable reading.

Perfect for those who struggle with the color test or are color blind. Easy to use and refills available.

Around $45.00
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