Aquariums 15 – 30 Gallons

Aquariums 15-30G

This is still in the smaller end of aquarium technology and is classed as a Nano Aquarium. These small aquariums make it easier on the budget to get into saltwater or provide you with a beautiful tiny piece of the ocean in any room you desire.

There are some great All-In-One (AIO) Kits available as well as tank and sump separate systems. I’ll cover a few here to give you an idea of how to set one up that may fit your needs perfectly.

These are my recommendations and what I would look to buy if I were to set up an aquarium in this size range:


Biocube BC32
Coralife BioCube 32G Kit

A great beginner kit that has been tried and tested for years. Great reviews and pedigree.

Ready To Go Cost Approx $905.00


RedSea Max Nano
Red Sea Max 20G Nano Kit

A designer Nano aquarium setup for anyone wanting a small showpiece in their home.

Ready To Go Cost Approx $1300.00


Waterbox Marine X 35.1

For the hobbyists that do not want an All-In-One aquarium but prefer a sump system.

Ready To Go Cost Approx $1460.00