Aquariums 30 – 75 Gallons

Aquariums 30-75G

This is one of the most popular size ranges for newcomers to the hobby. The 75 gallon size of aquarium gives you lots of space to create beautiful aquascapes and all ample swimming room to house some of the most striking fish that the smaller aquariums prohibit.

My own aquarium is 75 gallons and its a perfect size to easily manage. The setup costs can be a little more but the running costs are relatively small compared to the larger aquariums.

These are my recommendations and what I would look to buy if I were to re-start my aquarium with today’s technology:


Waterbox 65 Gallon AIO

For those of you Liking the All-In-One style of aquarium. This tank from Waterbox is a great start!

Ready To Go Cost Approx $2900.00


Red Sea Reefer 73 Gallon

The Pedigree of the Reefer Series from Red Sea with its modern and stylish looks.

Ready To Go Cost Approx $3740.00