Waterbox 65 Gallon AIO

The Aquarium

The midsized aquarium in Waterbox’s All-In-One range is perfectly suited for the beginner to saltwater. The 10mm Low-Iron, high-quality glass gives optimum clarity for this stunning All-In-One aquarium. Complete with a matching stand in Black, White, or Oak (Freshwater Model Only), Dual Overflows, Flared Return Nozzles, and all the filtration hidden at the back, this setup provides for one stunning aquarium.

By adding your selection of equipment to this aquarium you can have a good-sized aquarium on a reasonable budget or you can go all out with the high-end products and provide a stunning centerpiece to any room!

The dimensions of the aquarium are:
47.2in L x 19.7in W x 17.7in D

Height Inc. Cabinet 53.1″

Included In The Kit:

Low-Iron, High-Quality Glass Aquarium
All Plumbing
4x Filter Socks
Series Matching Stand

Around $1600.00
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Extras Needed:


AI Prime 16HD LED
The Prime 16HD is a great little light to give your tank a great pop in color but provide the intense PAR required from some of the light hungry SPS coral. Don’t let its size fool you, the 80 degree optics and 55 years of history behind this light will provide you with a very affordable but powerful optic.

The built-in Wi-fi controllability can link these lights together to work as one while having the convenience to control them from any connected device.

2x AI Prime 16HD’s will be required to illuminate this aquarium.

Around $220.00ea
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AI Prime LED Light

AI Prime 16HD Mount
The Prime HD has 3 mounting options:
1. Flexible Goose Neck
2. Wire Hanging Kit
3. Solid Mounting Arm

Each kit comes complete with all the hardware to neatly install your LED optic to give you the sleek look you desire.

2x mounting kits will be required.

From $30.00ea

Protein Skimmer

Tunze Comline DOC 9012
This is a great protein skimmer for your Waterbox AIO. From the legendary makers of Tunze, this skimmer is designed to take up less space but provide incredible filtration for up to 150 gallons of medium BioLoad.

Large collection cup to reduce the frequency of emptying and a magnetic locking system to keep it installed perfectly and discretely in the filter compartment.

Around $350.00
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Return Pump

Sicce Syncra Silent 3.5
The 3.5 from Sicce is a super silent, energy-efficient return pump that will take up minimal space in your filter compartment, but yet provide 660GPH for the recommended 650GPH from Waterbox.

Around $110.00
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Eheim Jager 150W Thermostat Heater
The Jager range of heaters from Eheim are in my opinion the best heater you can buy. I have been using them for years alongside the Finnex HMX range and it is the only small heater I will buy.

The 150W version is perfect for this size tank and slips neatly into the return pump compartment.

Around $29.00
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Ehiem Jager Heater

Filter Media

Chemi-Pure Elite
This fantastic product is perfect for use in small aquariums. By combining Premium Activated Carbon, Ion exchanging Resin and Granular Ferric Oxide into one packet of media.

This will keep your water clear from pollutants and help to keep phosphates low.

2x Containers are required and expected to last 6 months.

Around $15.00
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Chemi-Pure Elite

This is another fantastic product perfect for use in small aquariums. This works along with the Chemi-Pure to help remove organic pollutants, proteins, nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia.

100ml bag is expected to last 6 months.

Around $10.00
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MarinePure Gems
The only way to provide additional surface for colonizing bacteria in larger All-In-One Aquariums.
These super porous cubes will work with your rock and sand to give you the maximum surface area for your bacteria to live in.

1 box is sufficient for 70 gallons.

Around $16.00
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I like to contain the Gems in a Media Bag to help with easy installation and removal for cleaning

Find the Bags Here at Amazon.com


CaribSea Arag-Alive Sand Substrates
Live sand forms the perfect base for your new aquarium. I have always used and recommended the CaribSea Arag-Alive range of substrates as they are packed with Beneficial Bacteria.

My aquarium uses the Fiji Pink Live Sand but everyone has their own preference.

For this aquarium, 75lbs will cover your base by approx 1.5”.
See the range by clicking below.

Around $60.00 for 4 Bags
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CaribSea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Sand


Dry Rock/Live Rock/Life Rock
Rock forms the basis for not only your aquascape but also a place for your Beneficial Bacteria to colonize and form your Bio-Filter.
Creating a habitat for your livestock and a place for your corals to grow on is a fun part of setting up your new aquarium

For this aquarium, a 50lb mix will give you an open swimming space, whereas 70lbs will give you more to play with.
You do not have to use it all!
See the range of types and shapes by clicking below.

From $30.00 per 10lb
Click HERE for More Details at Amazon.com

Life Rock


Instant Ocean Sea Salt Mix
To have a saltwater aquarium you need to have salt mix to turn freshwater into saltwater. There are many, many excellent brands of salt on the market but I have been using Instant Ocean & its Reef Crystals brand for many years and I love it.

I like to recommend Instant Ocean because it comes in a range of sizes to suit every aquarium, it mixes well, it’s very consistent and the pricing is reasonable

For this aquarium you will need 1 cup of salt for every 2 gallons, so around 32-33 cups will be perfect for your initial fill, then you will need more for regular water changes.

I usually just get a 160Gal Bucket to the 200Gal box.

I love getting my salt from Amazon.com because of the free shipping – Nowhere else comes close to this!

From $12.00
Click HERE for More Details at Amazon.com

Instant Ocean Salt Bucket

Basic Setup Total: Approx $2900.00

Cost Break Down:

Aquarium with Stand: $1600.00
LED Lights x2: $440.00
Light Brackets x2: $60.00
Protein Skimmer: $350.00
Return Pump: $110.00
Heater: $29.00
Filter Media: $55.00
Substrate: $60.00
Rock: $150.00
Salt: $50.00

These are just the basic costs to get this aquarium started. Different rock or salt will adjust these prices slightly.
Taxes will also need to be added depending on your location.


ATO – Automatic Top-Off System

AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro
Keeping the water level at a constant height in your aquarium is paramount for maintaining correct salinity in your water. Because your aquarium is small it does not take much evaporation to increase your salinity.

Manually topping off your water every day gets old, quick, then there are the times you go on vacation!

I would never own an aquarium without an ATO. They are super easy to install and run and this one, in particular, is tiny, reliable and has great reviews! 

Around $139.00
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Maxspect Gyre 2K Flow Pump
This is a great water mover for this 65 gallon aquarium. The laminar flow created by this Gyre pump will ensure there are no dead spots within your tank and keep every coral and fish strong and healthy.

5 various operating modes, adjustable flow, and a 24 hour timers will ensure you can dial this in perfectly to suit whatever corals you add.

2 of these may be required when you begin to dive into SPS corals.

Around $220.00
Click HERE for More Details at Amazon.com


Digital Thermometer
Monitoring your aquarium water temperature is very important, especially so in a small aquarium like the AIO.

This small device can sit discretely behind the aquarium and give you an accurate reading each time you walk past the tank.

This one has no alarms to alert you of High or Low Temperature, but is a great addition to help you keep your tank parameters stable.

From $7.00
Click HERE for More Details at Amazon.com

Coralife Digital Thermometer