Aquariums 75 – 150 Gallons

Aquariums 75-150G

If you are looking at these size of aquariums you know you have the reefing bug bad! These incredible aquariums not only offer you the size to keep almost any fish you like, but the aquascapes you can create to show off your own pice of the ocean is endless.

They are not cheap to set up once you get to this size range, but you are not going to out-grow these aquariums soon. I have given you three options to help you find the perfect solution for your home, budget, and family.

My next aquarium will be a peninsula as I love being able to see an aquarium on three sides from multiple rooms! I can only dream!

These are my recommendations and what I would look to buy if I were to set up an aquarium in this size range:


Waterbox Reef 130.4
130G Rectangular

130 gallons of pure swimming pleasure for the fish you have always wanted! Let’s go Tangs!

Ready To Go Cost Approx $5075.00


Red Sea Reefer 650
140G Peninsula

For the ultimate room divider! This peninsula aquarium will make you the talk of the town!

Ready To Go Cost Approx $6210.00