Aquariums Under 15 Gallons

Aquariums Under 15G

This is the smallest end of aquarium technology and any aquarium under 30 gallons is classed as a Nano Aquarium. These small aquariums make it easier on the budget to get into saltwater or provide you with a beautiful tiny piece of the ocean on your kitchen counter.

I do not own a small aquarium and I’m surprised my 4-year-old daughter has not asked for her own. Now you watch, she will ask as soon as I’ve finished this guide!

These are my recommendations and what I would look to buy for my daughter if she wanted her own aquarium:


Fluval Sea Evo XII Kit
Fluval Sea Evo XII 13.5 Gal Kit

A perfect aquarium setup for children or complete beginners to saltwater.

Ready To Go Cost Approx $310.00


NUVO Fusion Peninsula 14 Pro AIO
NUVO Fusion 14 Peninsula Pro Bundle

A designer Nano aquarium setup for anyone wanting a small showpiece in their home.

Ready To Go Cost Approx $650.00