Thank you for your interest in creating content for TheBeginnersReef website. Myself and my other content creators strive hard to provide beginners to the saltwater aquarium hobby with good quality, easy-to-read information, tips, and experiences.

This note is a little guidance on how we write our blog articles. It is a tried and tested method and this is how we expect the work from you to follow.

It should not take you too long to go through our guidance material, but it is very important and will save countless hours re-editing and re-writing your content to fit with the current style of the website.

We are looking to build a long-term relationship with you and a good solid foundation is key.

First Steps:

There are a couple of steps that I wish you to take next:

Our content follows ‘The Post Recipe’. It is a very important layout tool for the way in which your blog posts will be created.

Please Print off this Post Recipe Document HERE. You will need to follow it for every blog post you write for us.

Our blog posts are based around these following points which you must follow in your writing:

  • Search Intent of the Person – What is the reason they Googled that phrase/keyword – This is by far the number one thing you have to keep in mind when writing the post. What was the searcher looking for as an answer! What would you want as the answer if you had been the one that Googled the topic given to you?
  • The post content should be aimed to answer the main blog post title, then keep subheadings on target to the original title – Don’t wander
  • Make all subheadings a standalone question that someone would type into Google, if able
  • Add in personal anecdotes/experiences and applicable photos if you have any – No other photos will be required by you. All images will be sourced by us. Any personal photos you add will be granted rights to use by us
  • Finish the blog post with a repeat of the answer in a sentence or two (not worded the same) and sum up why they searched for this term in Google

Read over our blog posts until you are very familiar with our writing style.


Here is how it finished after we rewrote it to fit our style

The more you understand and write to our current style of posts the more work we will be able to give you. Having to rewrite your work is not something we like to do and by understanding our post style we can spend more time finding new topics to give to you and less time rewording your work.

You can find a complete post index Here to help you.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. This may seem like a lot of things to be bombarded with, but it is a system that works for long term autonomy with the best content being produced!

I look forward to working with you!

email: Richard@thebeginnersreef.com