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Knowing where to start, with what equipment and how to start a maintenance plan can be daunting to many newcomers!
I have put together a series of super helpful guides on the following subjects:

Setup Equipment Checklist

This checklist lists everything you need to get started with your aquarium. Some items are additional, some optional and some are recommended.

This super handy Cheat Sheet will make sure you don’t miss anything when setting up your new aquarium!

Maintenance Schedule

Knowing when to clean, test and maintain your aquarium is a big part of the ongoing success of any reef tank.

Listing daily, weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and 12 monthly tasks, this guide will ensure your aquarium stays pristine and healthy.
Its the one I use!

Palytoxin Poisoning

When you start to purchase coral this guide will help make you aware of a toxin that can be fatal to humans and animals.

It’s very, very rare but this guide helps you recognize any symptoms and lists possible causes.

Why Didn’t You Tell Me That Before!?

How many times do you find out that crucial piece of information 5 minutes after you could have really done with it!?

Well, this guide of ‘150 Things I Wish I Had Known About Reefing‘ was created to help you get those helpful tidbits, hopefully before you really need them!

…and just when you thought you could not get any more FREE, helpful stuff, check out these free tools I created to help you on your reefing journey…

Aquarium Cycle

Tracking the rising and falling of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate during your aquarium’s initial cycle can be a tough task. To help you visually see what is going on with your water parameters I created this super easy data entry tool.

Electricity Cost

There is a lot of electrical equipment that you run on an aquarium. The problem is knowing how much all this stuff is going to cost you each month. Using this simple tool you will be able to budget a rough cost per month.

Fish Stocking

Knowing how many fish to put in an empty aquarium is a daunting task. We all want busy, well-stocked aquariums but how many fish is too many? This super simple calculator will give you a recommended quantity to help get you going.


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